The Chart Gallery 12/27: Rounding up our favorite charts of 2019

Posted by Maddie Hall on 12/27/19 11:44 AM

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From amazing interactives, to Tableau Dashboards, to #RStats and more, 2019 has been an amazing year for data visualizations. We asked the team to share their favorite visualizations that they stumbled upon this year and why they chose them. Beginning with...


Farhan Mustafa, CEO



A View on Despair - STUDIO TERP

"This may be my most favorite visualization ever, for many reasons.

  1. The personal connection. We always say that context matters, and as someone that's learning to live with depression, this visualization stopped me in my tracks. Knowing the author also struggles with it, instantly I felt like someone understood the chaos, beauty, sadness - all of it.
  2. The reveal. As you scroll down, you see a beautiful painting, serene, vivid, detailed, complete. Then you learn that each element represents a different way some died by suicide, and you can never unlearn that, or unsee it.
  3. The lasting impression. I began thinking how this might look for each different city. How I could help others. How to reach others. How to educate others. It led to action, which I think all monumental works have the power to do."


  Chandni Chopra, Product Manager

The Data Big Tech Companies Have On You by Security Baron

"I like it because in this growing digital world, I believe that data is our most valuable asset and we should be aware of who is trying to take a piece!"


  Madison Hall, Community and Content Manager

Guiding Light - Alli Torban

"I had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Alli this year and this visualization of hers is easily one of my favorites. The topic has been explored before but the way she presents it is really unique and beautiful."


0-1 Akbar Dawood, CFO/Marketing

The Peak of the Hype Cycle - Visual Capitalist

"It's really fun to take a look back and see what we were so hyped for in previous years and see which things actually held up to the hype."


Abraham Milano, Web Developer


What is Wagyu Beef?

"I really like beef."


Juan Castrence, UI/UX

Chartball NBA Visualization

"I really love how Chartball developed its own system of visualizing NBA games. It's nice to see a fresh take on an old game."

0  Stefan Cardenas, Full Stack Developer

Strategic Business Value of the Blockchain

"I think people really underestimate the ways blockchain has the potential to transform certain industries and this infographic does a great job at showcasing which industries could benefit the most."


  Iain Bryson, CTO

"Cause I love a good map. And because it's on the most important topic and it just looks beautiful."



That's all for today's edition of The Chart Gallery.

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