The Chart Gallery 12/9: Where are the tech jobs and who's getting hired?

Posted by Maddie Hall on 12/9/19 1:24 PM

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Jobs in the tech industry don't grow on trees... but it sure seems that way when you look at the data! Where are the tech jobs and who's getting them?


Only five cities??

From 2005-2017, 256,063 high-tech jobs were created with 90 percent of them being in just five metropolitan areas.

More than their peers

Wages in the tech industry are 92 percent higher than the median national wage.



Location, location, location

While workers in the tech industry generally make more money than their peers, their location can make a world of difference when it comes to their salary.


Gender inequality

While the number of jobs in the tech industry is rising, the proportion to men and women working in a technical job for tech companies is still nowhere close to equal.



Amazon leading the pack

Amazon hires the most employees in the tech industry at 647,500. This is over 500,000 more than the next company on the list, Oracle.



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