The Chart Gallery 12/2: Understanding the diamond market

Posted by Maddie Hall on 12/1/19 10:01 PM

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Diamonds: A girls best friend, but are they forever? Let's investigate:


Selling diamonds at the pawn shop

Jewelry and precious stones make up 5.7 percent of total pawn requests. Diamonds typically only resell for 25 to 50 percent of its original purchasing price.


Different than a normal diamond

Colored diamonds have become a sought-after commodity with a 122 percent increase in value over the last decade.



Diamonds Unlimited

Russia accounts for 40 percent of the world’s diamond supply while De Beers leads the way in global diamond sales.



Demanding diamonds

The demand for diamonds is on the rise as the market for the gem is nearing $80 billion.



Production on the decline

Demand may be up but global diamond production is falling as a result of more companies selling synthetic diamonds and a dearth of undiscovered diamond troves.



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