The Chart Gallery 12/11: Understanding Universal Basic Income

Posted by Maddie Hall on 12/11/19 11:53 AM

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The idea of a Universal Basic Income has been discussed a lot recently, but what is it? At its core, it's a monthly government stipend for every adult. Let's check out the numbers behind it:


Yang's big proposal

UBI is in the news now more than ever due to Andrew Yang’s presidential run. Averaging the sentiments of both parties, there is more opposition to the idea than support.

Age gives perspective

The proposal is most divisive between age groups. Younger voters are very receptive to the idea of a universal basic income while older generations are very opposed to the idea.



A financial floor

One of the prevailing arguments for UBI is that it gives people a financial floor. To many, this is necessary given the likelihood of automation replacing millions of U.S. jobs.


What is it spent on?

When California tested a UBI in Stockton, 62 percent of the money went to food, home goods and clothing: areas that were being strictly budgeted for beforehand.



Confidence is key

After being tested in Finland, 12 percent more people have more confidence in finding a job within 12 months after being on a Universal Basic Income plan.



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