Diversity In The Tech Industry: The Real Unicorn

Posted by Maddie Hall on 11/25/19 2:12 PM

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Diversity of age and ethnicity is not prevalent in the tech industry. But is this trend changing? Let's go to the charts!

IT Jobs for the Ages

Workers aged 22-24 account for 61 percent of the IT sector workforce. A predominant reason for the age disparity in tech comes from a generational shift in the labor force. In fact, seniors barely outpace the youngest group of workers.




Millennials are leading the charge

This is not incredibly surprising, however, as Millennials now make up the largest portion of the labor force. While there is certainly a disparity of Boomers in tech offices, that generation no longer accounts for the most employees in the labor force.



Older companies, older employees?

It appears that older tech enterprises are more likely to hire older employees than younger companies such as Facebook. This is partly due to organizational maturity, especially as strategic and non-tech roles grow across an organization.




Ethnic Diversity in Tech

Despite being a national minority, employees who are of Asian descent make up the majority of eBay, Yahoo and LinkedIn’s workforce. However, removing Asians out of the analysis shows very little ethnic diversity for other groups, namely Blacks and Hispanics.




Well What's Google Doing?

Google has made internal changes to address its lack of workforce diversity but has been slow in hiring more employees from underrepresented groups (non-Caucasian or non-Asian).
Google's Current Representation (as of 2018)
Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 2.07.15 PM


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