The Chart Gallery 1/6: Antibiotics and drug resistance

Posted by Maddie Hall on 1/6/20 2:43 PM

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The threat of drug-resistant superbugs is on the rise as many countries continue to dole out antibiotics frequently and patients ignore orders from their doctors. Let's dive in:


Different countries have different problems

MRSA seems to be the biggest antibiotic-resistant threat to Americans with approximately a 50 percent resistance rate.


Ignoring medical advice

Almost half of Americans do not correctly follow their doctor's instructions for antibiotics, further increasing the risk of developing new and strengthened superbugs.



An increasing variety of antibiotics

The number of new antibiotics is on the rise but still don’t match the levels of 1985-2000.

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 12.06.03 PM

Stocks play a role, too

While new products are necessary to fight the antibiotic resistance, it’s becoming more and more difficult for producers to stay afloat, even with government assistance.

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Dosage differentiation

While antibiotic consumption dropped 4 percent from 2000 to 2015 in developed countries, consumption increased 75 percent everywhere else in the world.


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