PopCharts: Is The Age Of Social Media Influencers Over?

Posted by Farhan Mustafa on 11/4/19 1:10 PM

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Sometimes it feels impossible to avoid influencers on social media, yet the marketing tactic is slowly declining in effectiveness. Even still, more and more companies are expected to utilize influencer-based marketing in the near future.


Posts from influencers and celebrities don’t stand out very well on Facebook where more users are interested in memes, family and friends.


While the impact of influencers is declining in the US and the UK, the practice is the fastest growing way of increasing online customers in India.


Influencers are having less and less of an affect on audiences but companies continue to pay them exorbitant amounts for a competitive edge.


Engagement rates on influencer Instagram posts are declining with the biggest hit to influencers in the travel industry.


Despite concerns about the current usefulness of influencers, global spending on the service is only expected to grow.


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