The Chart Gallery 1/3: An Interview with Meera Umasankar

Posted by Maddie Hall on 1/3/20 1:15 PM

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Welcome to a special edition of The Chart Gallery! Every Friday we're highlighting members of the data viz community, their favorite projects and sources for inspiration. Today we're excited to introduce another Tableau royalty...

Meera Umasankar!



Q & A

What do you want us to know about you?

Hi, I’m originally from India working in Singapore for past 3 years. Currently working as a Senior Specialist (Data Visualisation) at a healthcare organization in Singapore. I’m a Tableau Public Ambassador and a co-leader of Data + Women community here, a community where data enthusiasts come together to discuss issues, learn new skills and network in the data related field.

What makes you passionate about data viz?

My background is Computer Networking however my first job was on BI & Data Visualisation. That’s when I got an opportunity to work on Tableau & was amazed by the tool’s capabilities. Though I’ve been working on Tableau for more than 5 years, I recently discovered the Tableau Community and the incredible data people. Working on Tableau has made me identify my passion towards Data Visualisation & I’ve been actively participating in some of the social data community projects like Makeover Monday (hosted by Eva Murray & Andy Kriebel) & Iron Quest (hosted by Sarah Bartlett). Getting involved in these projects have helped me build a strong Tableau Public profile & was intrigued to be more creative and innovative.

Meera's Creations

Operation Fistula

Participating in social projects is not only fun but also it helps to contribute to a greater cause. The above viz was created for one the social projects, Makeover Monday and was built on Tableau. I never knew about Operation Fistula before but while vizzing I learnt more about the effect it has on Women living in Africa with this disability. Usually I spend around 3-4 hours in each viz I create but for this particular viz, I tried doing a bit more research on the topic and understood that this is one of the serious medical conditions in the world. For causes like these, I always add a call to action in my viz so that people looking at this viz can donate or help people suffering from this condition by any means.


In Search of a New Home in America



This viz was built for the Tableau IronViz feeder rounds. The dataset was provided by the Associated Press on refugee admission to the United States. I was intrigued by the topic and built this viz on Tableau. It’s a very interactive viz built with some of Tableau’s recently added functionalities. I was super proud to see this viz listed on the Top 10 list out of the 84 entries that Tableau had received for this feeder which was built overnight just before the last submission date.


NBA Defense Rating


Makeover Monday is all about diverse datasets. You never know what each week’s data might be about. This is a very recent viz on Sports. I never followed sports/American Basketball however I took it as a challenge and learnt quite a lot about the team’s Defense Ratings and built the viz on Tableau. I was so much into the topic and I ended up building 2 vizzes on the same dataset. This viz focuses on the defense rating of the NBA teams, highlighting why the Spurs are seeing a decline in their defense rating.


17 Goals to Transform our World


SDG Goals

I developed this viz for Makeover Monday on 17 goals to transform our world and the data is from the United Nations. This is a survey data with the commitments from the event industry for these 17 goals. It shows if they agreed to 1. commit forever 2. want to commit but don’t know how 3. 1 month & 4. 6 months commitment. All the 17 goals are important hence I split each of the goals into different cards and included the % of people who are committed. This viz highlights that Climate Action is the goal with maximum number of responses and it’s a concern. This was one of the vizzes that was presented at the UN conference in New York.


Meera's Favorite Visualizations on the Web
Annual Sunshine Hours Around the World

Which Cities Have the Most and Least Sunshine Hours per Continent? - Chantilly Jaggernauth

Chantilly’s vizzes have always been an inspiration to me & I’m a big fan of her work. The viz is so clean, clearly well designed & I really like how the viz is structured. The viz is split into different sections showing the Top 15 & Bottom 15 cities with average sunshine hours and also the monthly trend.


Killer Ladies

Game of Thrones - Pablo Gomez

Such a great story flow and easy to understand at a glance. Pablo has a very unique design style which I always admire. This viz especially is one of my favourites. I love the Game of Thrones series and I love this viz too. The layout is very cleverly used and the use of charts just blows my mind away.

Visualizing No Tobacco

World No Tobaccao - Christian Felix
A stunning visual by Christian Felix. I love the visuals of the data, amazing analysis and the colors used really go with the topic. I always admire Christian’s work and is worth checking it out.


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