The Chart Gallery 1/24 - An interview with Kasia Konopka

Posted by Maddie Hall on 1/24/20 2:01 PM

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Welcome to a special edition of The Chart Gallery! Every Friday we're highlighting members of the data viz community, their favorite projects and sources for inspiration. Today we're excited to introduce art director and designer...

Kasia Konopka!


Working out of Durham in North Carolina, the Polish-born designer got our attention with her use of vibrant colors and data. She has experience in numerous fields with over 10 years of work in graphic design, branding and advertising.


Kasia's Creations

Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Make Durham Safe

This project is very important to me on a personal level. We have been observing a significant rise in gun violence in Durham over the past year. As a mother of a little child and a member of the community, I felt a huge need to act and flash a light on this very disturbing and important matter. The goal of the project is to ignite a wider conversation, raise awareness and the need to act to make the city safer for all its residents.


Mineral Water Chart
Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Mineral Water Chart_1

While still in Poland I got to create new branding for a spa resort. This infographic piece was a part of a broader project and illustrates descriptions and chemical breakdowns of mineral waters distributed in this charming mountain resort. I'm fond of this project as it was so strongly connected to the environment that it was meant to be displayed in. It eventually became an intuitive point of focus for the visitors.


Mandala Charts

Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop


This is a personal project of mine, which was a fun and colorful way of showing the usual merchandise and everyday use objects in a surprising and colorful way. The arrangements form an ornamental pattern, which without the addition of text forms an interesting and engaging composition.


Giving To Duke Infographic

Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

Giving To Duke Infographic

How long did each graphic take to create?

Each project is very specific In terms of time. The mineral water chart was surprisingly time-consuming since It was so detailed in terms of the chemical breakdown. It took about a week to complete. #MakeDurhamSafe was quicker as it was related more to concept design however, it did require a significant amount of research. 


What were some pain points in creating the graphics?

I would call them challenges :) With the environmental graphic, as well as the Duke University infographic the challenge was to find a balance between emphasizing the most important information and still keeping the piece visually appealing so that it serves its actual purpose - to gain attention and inform.


What did you learn from creating each piece?

Most of all - patience and huge respect for detail. Every bit of information can have an impact, so it's extremely important that impact is intentional and thought through.


Kasia's Favorite Visualizations on the Web
The Creative Branding Agency_Annual report graphics for Ablynx

The Creative Branding Agency -  Annual Report Graphics for Ablynx


Nicholas Felton Annual Report

Nicholas Felton - Annual Report


Karin von Ompteda_Royal College of Art Partnering Institutions

Karin von Ompteda - Royal College of Art Partnering Institutions


Supermundane_Illustrations and  Posters


What made you choose each one/what do you like about it?

Each one of these pieces is engaging and strong in a very different way. From a powerful, color and idea-driven, pop-art approach in the first one to a very typographic and monochromatic piece, which brilliance is achieved only through the use of one colored type and lines. I am a huge advocate of color and good, impactful composition. This is what I try to master in my work as well. 


Have these pieces influenced your work? How?

Most certainly. What I love most about these pieces is that they present real data in a very beautiful and appealing way. Each one of them could easily be an engaging design and stand-alone visual entity. I am very much influenced by art and implementing it in our everyday day environment is something I’m very passionate about.


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