Grafiti's 2019 in Numbers 📈

Posted by Farhan Mustafa on 12/31/19 5:56 PM

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Happy New Year and Happy New Decade, Grafiti fam!

Farhan here - co-founder and CEO at Grafiti. I just wanted to thank all of you for an amazing 2019. And I want to be clear - anything we've achieved, it's been thanks to your support, each and every single one of you. 

Passionate users, supporters and mentors are the lifeblood of a startup. What we first build is, at best, a guess. It's only with your feedback and direction that we can build something useful. Otherwise we'd be adrift. Thank you for being our compass. 

Since this will be one of probably many posts you'll read like this today, I'll give you a quick rundown of Grafiti's favorite numbers this year.

We closed a pre-seed round led by David Rogg, at Firstmark Capital. The round was joined by more champions, including Prashant Fonseka at Tuesday Capital, Henry McNamara at Great Oaks Venture Capital, Marco Casas at Alumni Ventures Group, and our angel investors. Can't say thanks enough to this bunch for taking a chance on us. 

The size of our family. It started off with Farhan, Akbar, Iain, Juan and Stefan. We added Chandni, Maddie and Abraham. I could gush like a proud parent if the analogy of a CEO-being-a-family-leader was an accurate one for us. Instead I gush as an adult child, knowing my teammates are the real adults in the room. And they're the freakin' best. And don't mess with them. And I love the heck out of them. 

The number of publishers, organizations and individuals on Grafiti's whitelist. In an effort to provide more trusted content and cuts through the noise on Google, we only index content from these sites. We personally reviewed each one. This list continues to grow, and if it's missing a source you trust, email us!

The number of charts Grafiti indexed from our whitelist of publishers in 2019. In total, we have over 1M charts indexed, and we'll be at 5M by the end of 2020!

The number of unique users that created Grafiti collections. Each of these users averaged 2 collections each, with one creating a collection that had over 45 charts! We love seeing what narratives our users put together, and we can't wait to see more!

The number of unique search terms on Grafiti. We're continually amazed at the type of charts y'all search for. To the user that searched for "diapers" every day for 2 weeks, we're trying our best. 

Good luck in the new year to all, and no matter what your resolutions are, remember: we already think you're perfect. We have the data to prove it :)

Love & peace, 
Farhan & the entire Grafiti team (Akbar, Iain, Juan, Chandni, Abraham, Stefan and Maddie)