How GateKeeper saves 15 hours a week with Keeper

Posted by Akbar Dawood on 4/24/20 7:00 AM

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How GateKeeper Creates New Sales Materials

Recreating the wheel is the last thing a fast moving company needs to be wasting time on. Whether you’re in consulting, investment banking, strategy or sales and marketing, a significant part of the job is creating new pitches, reports, and sales collateral from existing materials. The pain point is finding the relevant materials you and your team have already put together to update and leverage in your next document.

This is true for Gatekeeper, a password security solutions company with a significant sales operation selling into Fortune 1000 corporations across a variety of industries. Usually Alex, their COO, would spend hours going through his Google Drive repeating the same process: search high level keywords like HIPAA or GDPR; open and scroll through countless docs to find a particular blurb or chart; and collate those bits into a new doc.

Keeper changes all of this for Alex. He can quickly search the same keywords, and immediately see the relevant pages, slides and charts he needs. His workflow has completely changed now! Instead of wasting time hunting for content, or worse recreating it, he’s able to gather the pieces he needs into a fresh piece of content, saving hours in the process.




The Battle Card Advantage with Keeper Collections

Gatekeeper is a password security solution company that has a significant sales operation selling into a variety of large corporations. Like any sales operation, having the right collateral on hand for target customers is critical to closing accounts.

Before Keeper, their sales team used a folder of canned responses and insights to answer customer questions or give them the data they need to make an informed purchase of Gatekeeper products. For each customer, they’d have to dig through each doc multiple times to create a customized response, spending 1-2 hours each time.

With Keeper, the Gatekeeper team can find and save just the relevant part of each document into a Collection. Now the team creates Battle Cards for each customer, industry or security issue, over 10x faster. Most importantly, Collections gave them the power to quickly access the content they need while still on the call, rather than following up with an email, increasing their close rate significantly.

This proved especially useful with their partners and resellers. They can finally organize pieces of information that would otherwise have been siloed across different documents and easily share only the relevant content for each partner. The COO, saw this as a force multiplier, allowing them to empower global sales teams with a content library that’s easily searchable and shareable so it’s actually used.

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How can you Search with Keeper?

It’s easy! Just sign up for free, link your Google Drive and search like you already do! Keeper is your visual search layer for Google Drive so you can search within documents and see pages and slides instead of file names.


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