Chat accurately with Grafiti's New Slack Integration

Posted by Farhan Mustafa on 11/4/19 12:59 PM

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Grafiti is excited to announce our new Slack search integration! As we continue our mission to democratize the world’s data-backed facts, we can’t think of a better search integration to start with than Slack. We love the product and spend all day using it for chatting we mean working.

Type in your keywords and browse through charts & graphs + links to sources!

Whether you’re trying to find that right chart to finish your deck, or simply trying to prove a co-worker wrong, Grafiti can help! The Grafiti integration lets you search for and post charts, graphs, infographics & diagrams along with with their source links — right into your Slack conversations.

A screenshot from one of our user teams! Because data + arguments = bonding.

Our favorite use cases so far:

  • A top VC firm uses the Grafiti integration to quickly search & post charts on industry trends when they’re chatting about — and quickly assessing — a new startup investment
  • A leading consulting firm team uses Grafiti to find and share industry charts when they’re collaborating on a client deck
  • A data science team uses it to feed their #statoftheday channel (and resulting arguments)

How Does it Work?

It basically works like the Giphy one. To use it, simply type “/grafiti [keywords]”, hit enter and move through search results of charts, graphs and diagrams related to your keywords. The Grafiti app will then post a chart plus a link to the chart’s original source to your chat.

For example: typing /grafiti job automation will display charts related to “job automation” for you to browse through. (Because the robots are coming for all of us.)

Clearly, it’s amazing. How can I install it?

You can add the Slack integration from the Slack directory or from the Grafiti site. Simply click the “Add to Slack” button and follow the instructions.

If you don’t have the rights to install it yourself, message your group administrator and ask/beg nicely — based on the chart below, maybe around 2p?


Try it out and let us know!

If you have any feedback, questions, comments or you just need helping find a chart or dataset, email us at

We’d love to hear from you on how we can improve your experience!